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A place for my stories

Discussion in 'Storytelling and Puppets' started by Guardsman, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Guardsman

    Guardsman New Member

    I decided to post my stories here. I will just post funny stories to tell the children. I hope you all enjoy them.
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  2. Guardsman

    Guardsman New Member

    Kipper #1

    A long, long time ago, in a small village that no longer exists, lived a very brave knight. He slayed dragons and rescued princesses and had all the glory and gold one person would want. However, that’s not what this story is about. This story is about his great, great, great grandson so it wasn’t so long ago. In fact I heard about this last week. This kid was not brave and this kid did not slay dragons. In fact this kid was scared of his mom’s cat! *Show evil cat face picture* As far as the princesses go…you can forget about girls.

    This boy’s name was Kipper and Kipper has a secret that no one else knew. (Except the evil cat) *show evil cat face* Kipper has a magical yo-yo passed down through the family that his great, great, great grandfather got from underneath a giant couch cushion in an evil witch’s candy house. When Kipper used this yo-yo he became a magical clown that could do any magic trick and make anyone in the world laugh. When he put the magical yo-yo loop on his finger loud kazoo noises and glitter of all colors would cover him in a swirling mass of awesomeness and he’d be transformed into a super clown known as “The Big Red Nose Guy”.

    I know what you’re thinking. “What could he possibly do as a super hero clown?” Well, luckily for you I have the answer. Fight crime of course! Bank robbers would be completely powerless to his indestructible balloon dogs of doom! These dogs would chance any bad guys away and right into the hands of the police. He also has a super water squirting flower, super-fast clown shoes, a rubber “sword chicken”, and many other gadgets for fighting evil.

    One day tragedy struck! Kipper was looking out of his window and saw someone littering! Of all the crimes, of all the horrible things in the world! Why litter? Whhhhyyyy? This crime is unforgivable; it’s so hurtful to the environment. Kipper ran to his room to grab the magical yo-yo, but it wasn’t there. Usually he keeps it inside an antique jack-in-the-box, but today for some reason when the jester popped out of the box….it was gone! Who could have taken it? Where could it have gone? Will the city ever be safe again without the “Big Red Nose Guy”? Well, of course. This story is not to encourage vigilantism. I’m sure the fine men and women of the local police could handle the crime and keep the streets safe, but no one can deny that it’s SO AWESOME BEING A SUPER CLOWN!

    There’s only one thing to do when something is lost and that is to look for it. Kipper started searching everywhere for the magical yo-yo. He looked in the kitchen sink, the garage, his tree house, he even managed to get his courage up and look in and under the cat’s bed. *show evil cat face* Nowhere, the yo-yo was nowhere to be found. Where could it be? Kipper, had no options left and he couldn’t just ask his mother if she had seen his magical yo-yo of amazing awesomeness. With nowhere left to look Kipper did the only thing he could do. Kipper ate his dinner and went to sleep.

    When Kipper woke up the next morning he continued his search. (It was a weekend so he had no school) Kipper looked in the jack-in-the-box one last time and did not find it. Frustrated Kipper took a good long hard look around his room and began to think hard about where the magical yo-yo of awesomeness could be. Kipper noticed that his room was messy; a lot messier than it usually is. With no other options left Kipper decided to start cleaning his room. He started to put everything in its place nice and neat and continued to look for his beloved yo-yo while he cleaned.

    Kipper had no luck finding the magical yo-yo of amazing awesomeness. His room was completely spotless and he had no luck finding it. What is a magical clown going to do without the one thing that makes him magical? Well, be a normal young kid, duh! But, Kipper didn’t want to be a normal kid he wanted to be “The Big Red Nose Guy”. Kipper, had reached the end of his rope, no ace up his sleeve, no extra lives! Kipper did the only thing that he knew to do when all of his options had run out. He asked his mom. *show evil cat face*

    Kipper walked into the kitchen and asked his mom about the yo-yo. Kipper’s mom turned to him and said……”Oh, that wooden yo-yo your dad got you for your birthday last year? I have it in my room I found it in your pants pocket when I was doing your laundry.” Kipper gave a sigh of relief. Kipper followed his mom to her room and she handed him his yo-yo. Kipper quickly ran off back into the privacy of his own room ignoring the cat in the hallway. *show evil cat face*

    Finally! Finally after all this time! After being without his powers for so long Kipper can finally be the super hero he knows inside that he is. When Kipper put the string around his finger a swirling mass of glitter of all colors and the sound of kazoos playing in the background echoed throughout the entire house. Kipper had once again become “The Big Red Nose Guy” thanks to the magical yo-yo of amazing awesomeness that his great, great, great grandfather got out of a giant couch in the evil witch’s candy house. The city will once again be safe from litterers, jaywalkers, and mailbox bombers thanks to, Kipper “The Big Nose Clown Guy”!
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  3. Guardsman

    Guardsman New Member

    Ok, guys. I'm done with my first story. I have plenty of material to be posted and will also be making more new material (like Kipper). I welcome all feedback good and bad. Remember: "If it wasn't for rain the flowers wouldn't grow" -Final Fantasy Chronicles. So let me know what you think :)
  4. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    A clown shouldn't just tell a story he should animate a story. This one has loads of potential. I hope you perform that story without a few well rehearsed yo yo stunts, a kazoo, rubber chicken/kipper and sleeves loaded with flowers and glitter bombs. To not, should be a criminal offence or like trying to eat fish and chips without the fish.
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  5. Guardsman

    Guardsman New Member

    Lol great advice thank you :p. Maybe like a play? One person narrate and one act it out?

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