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ANNOUNCING: Mad Lovers Cosplay's Patreon Page!

Discussion in 'Events and Announcements' started by foamy, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. foamy

    foamy New Member

    "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! We are tonight's entertainment!" After 17 years of cosplay, slapstick, clowning, and general shenanigans, my wife and I have launched the Mad Lovers Cosplay Patreon page.

    "But who is Mad Lovers Cosplay and why should I care about a cosplay Patreon page?"

    I hear you asking. So, slow down there, chuckles, and allow me to explain...

    Mad Lovers Cosplay started as two people who love each other, life, cosplay, and the occasional pie in the face. From the beginning of our courtship, we played pranks on each other: pies in the face, buckets of water thrown, eggs smashed on one's head while they were showering, etc. On our honeymoon, we took our love of slapstick further by appearing on SlimeTime Live on Nickelodeon and pieing each other in the face on National Television!

    Once we created Mad Lovers Cosplay- our go-to couple is Joker and Harley -we thought, "Let's not simply just cosplay. Let's do some good with our notoriety and help a family member in need who is fighting cancer!" We created the Be My Puddin' Challenge Fundraiser- a spin on the ALS Bucket Challenge that would feature the loser subjected to a 5-gallon bucket of pudding dumped on their head...



    Much to our surprise, the effort was so wildly successful that we were asked (by donors!) to create sequels. So we held two more, the most ambitious being our latest, which featured no less than 10 cosplayers....


    Since then, we've learned that our aunt is fighting an even greater battle than before. We want to help, but aren't in the position to do so without a concerted "outside" effort away from our "day jobs". So I thought: what if I used my clowning training from my youth to expand our cosplay slapstick into...clowning slapstick?

    Thus our Patreon page was born. There, you can find all sorts of Exclusive media dedicated to our love of cosplay, clowning, and slapstick! We're going to be doing all the classic, traditional skits and gags ("Makeup!", Wallpaper", "Multi-Clown Pie Fights", etc). We'll also have behind-the-scenes videos and there is currently INSTANT access to many of our slapstick videos from the last three years.

    So, we'd be much obliged if everyone would stop by to check it out and perhaps even join in on the fun while there! Hope to see you soon and..."let's put a smile on that face!"
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  2. foamy

    foamy New Member

    Our Patreon page is in FULL swing! We've got two HD picsets, one behind-the-scenes video (Gracie: Becoming a Clown - which takes viewers through a step-by-step process of my wife's makeup, costume, etc), one pie fight video (The Bake Sale!), and more on the way! Here are two sample pics of "Gracie M. Pedibus: the World's Greatest Slapstick Circus Clown"! As we go along, we're going to be mixing and matching her two different makeups with her natural hair, two pink wigs, three different noses (large, medium, small), and painted noses (red and pink)...

    GRACIE M. PEDIBUS' Auguste look

    Gracie's "Whiteface" look

    Hope to see some of you at our page! http://www.Patreon.com/MadLoversCosplay
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