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Best Paints?

Discussion in 'Face Painting' started by Gimmick, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Gimmick

    Gimmick New Member

    OK lookinging into Investing into a Face Painting Kit and I am Wonderun which Kits are the Best? Plz Plz do tell :D
  2. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

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  3. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    Your basic choices are Snazaroo, Wolf Brothers, Diamond FX, and Mehron (Paradise). Each person seems to have their favorite. Most of mine are Snazaroo, with a few Wolf Brothers for the black and white lines. Silly Farm is great, and they have a big selection of face paints (both individual colors and larger kits)
  4. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    My girlfriend has not been a fan of the snazaroo and we are working on transitioning over to paradise. The Snazz we have are in little containers and perhaps the larger flatter cakes would work differently.
  5. SCOOP

    SCOOP Ace Reporter

    suggestion if your jsut getting started and not sure if it is some thing you want to do get a snazaroo kit from the local Michaels it is inexpensive and no shipping cost then if you really like or feel you have the talant for it then look into the different kind of paints i also think some party supply stores have some wolfe paints as well i am not a facepainter but from what i have seen don't get the face painting crayon looking things no matter what the brand then there is the argument of what do you prefer i have heard everyone pretty much loves wolfe's and diamond fx black and white however they seem to be harder to wash off that is something you will have to figure out for yourself what works for you yeah the best facepainters can give you their advice on the paints they use but just like the make up we use what works for one might not work for you?? and i think it comes down to how much water you personally put on the brush/sponge and how much it mixes again not a facepainter but i think from what i have seen it takes less water to activate snaz then wolfe so depending on your tendency on how much water you put on the application device might b\make your choice. wish i could say this helped you but i am sure it just confused you more however again i am not a facepainter so you can just ignore what i said.
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  6. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    I buy the Snazaroo sets with the tiny 2ml cups, but never use them that way. I turn them into larger 16ml rainbows. I did try one of the Mehron sets, but it was also the 2ml sets and the colors were too close to each other and I kept mixing colors. The larger sized containers are much easier to use.
  7. GabbyGayle

    GabbyGayle New Member

    i am a facepainter, and i can tell you i started with snazzaroo, and i think it was the perfect start. i got a "sample" kit, i think its actually called a fundraiser kit. you can get them from silly farm for sure.

    i no longer use any snazaroo products. because i transitioned to single paradise, and wolfe brothers cakes. BUT, snazaroo is cheaper, good colors, and easy to clean off. all things that are VERY important in the beginning. as i am becoming a better painter i am finding what i love to work with, and what i dont. i have stacks of colors i RARELY use because i just havent discovered yet what ill paint with them! if at all possible, check the schedule of any clown workshops coming to your area soon. check sillyfarm.com especially... also check on youtube for sillyheatherb she shows not only how to paint, but what paints to use for different things.

    just like any other aspect in clowning, dont break the bank before you know what you do. if you dont have practice and do a decent job, it wont matter what you painted WITH (as long as you use face painting materials!)
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  8. PrettyPaisley

    PrettyPaisley New Member

    I agree. You should start with snazaroo. They are easy to work with when you are starting off. I'm also changing over to wolf bro. and paradise, but i'm glad i started off with snazaroo. they are less expensive and thats great when you have to practiace a lot. you can get the 18 ml paints really cheap on this website www.allartsupplies.com I started off with the jumbo rainbow pallet. I think its about $50 but its a good investment because it last's forever.
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  9. Gimmick

    Gimmick New Member

    Thank You all for the Advice and Input, I am a Conisuer <-- Spell Check Plz :seltzer: of Tattoos and Draw up alot of what I get, and a few weeks ago I had just tried Face Painting for the 1st Time and to my Amazement, I really got it to Flow nicely, I was at the Benefit for 4 hours to do Balloons but ended up Face Painting for 3 Hehehe
  10. Markie

    Markie New Member

    I'm probably a little late to this thread but here are my preferences:

    For bold, saturated color and the best overall compromise if you want to stick to one product line:

    Kryolan Aqua Color

    For exceptional blending and the best, inkiest, black around:

    Mehron Paradise

    For fantastic coverage and the best, inkiest white around:

    Wolfe FX / Diamond FX

    For low price:


    Think about what matters to you. Here's what I'd start off with in a basic kit:

    Wolfe white and neon rainbow; Paradise black, white teal and green; Kryolan orange, yellow, blue, red, int bronze, and pink.

    Why Wolfe AND Paradise white? Simple - Wolfe for excellent coverage and ink-like lines, Paradise for blending.
  11. Pepperoni

    Pepperoni New Member

    I like to use Paradise, and my complete facepaint kit I got from a mexican clown named Timmy Bond. He has a brand (Aqua Bond) and it works great!! (very similar to the Paradise brand).. Timmy Bond | Bond's Boutique | México I bought the 70 grs paint.
  12. Smacky

    Smacky New Member

    Paradise is a great product to use and that's what I suggest. It will likely form the foundation for your makeup pallet, even when you have branched off into other product lines down the road. We use some products from just about everyone.
  13. sean wilson

    sean wilson New Member

    Just my opinion. I have been a face painter for about 5 years now and first off I have to say Snazaroo is terrible. The paint isn't very opaque, the colors start to fade once dry on the face and when it begins to get the slightest bit warm outside the paint starts to melt and get gooey. It's just horrible stuff. It IS cheap and IS easy to remove but overall just a bad choice. There are two types of cake water activated face paints, glycerin based and wax based. The glycerin based paints go on smooth and don't dry so fast that you can't blend them so they work great for blending and basing the design out. Wax based paints dry faster and are typically used to do your outlines and linework. They easily go over the top of other paint and don't bleed and blend into the underlying paint near as bad as glycerin based paint. My favorite glycerin paint is Mehron Paradise, the colors are very vibrant go on easy with not much water needed and blend flawlessly. My favorite wax based paint would be Wolfe FX and a close second would be Diamond FX. The black and white are the industry gold standard and the other colors are great as well for line work and you can use them for everything if you want to save money, just remember to be quick while blending. Don't waste your time with Snazaroo, it's terrible and will probably turn out bad and make a beginner say "man I suck at this" and quit. Sillyfarm.com is a great place to get these paints, though there are many places out there.
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