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China, Panda, Kungfu Fighting...Clowns!?!

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by TorontoBoy, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. TorontoBoy

    TorontoBoy Active Member

    For those that will watch this, I apologize in advance for a possible waste of 4 minutes. There is English, there is Chinese, but not together. I have added the Chinese in parenthesis.

    This clip was featured on China National TV, CCTV-3 Entertainment Channel (requires a special plugin, Chrome only), today 2017-Jul-08 19:38, under the title Kungfu Panda (Gongfu Xiongmao 功夫熊猫) in a show called "Starlight Road" (Xingguang DaDao 星光大道). This show features singers and general entertainment. In it is featured the China Funny Clown Group (Zhongguo Huaji Xiaochou Jituan 中国滑稽小丑集团) of unknown origin, other than the fact that they are from China. Seems to be a show where the audience votes on which performers leave. The remaining performers then do another skit.

    Clowns in China are pretty rare, and are a novelty. There is no known history of the type of European/American/Mexican style clowns. Chinese opera has a clown character, but how they dress and what they do is dissimilar to my concept of clown and I don't really understand it. Maybe in the future, with more research and viewing more Chinese opera.

    As most here do not speak Chinese, it goes like this:
    -big panda
    -female host likes panda, asks for a hug, panda gives hug, male host fake beats up panda
    -introduce clown group, both hosts dress as clowns

    If you have seen this group please let me know. I'll try to find them on Baidu. Comments?

    Second video from the same source, seems to be the same group but not introduced. I have seen them before with a guy going inside their large balloon. Third video, same source.
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