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Clown Communion

Discussion in 'Church and Ministry Clowning' started by Pinky Shortcakes, May 18, 2008.

  1. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

    I saw on another thread that some were looking for a "script" for clown communion. If you are interested, PM me your email address, I'll send one to you that I've used (and it does indeed come from Emmaus).
    Hugs and Mugs,
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  2. Kirsty

    Kirsty New Member

    Hi Pinky,
    I've been on Chrysalis and saw the clowning communion there. I'd love to do it for my church family. Where I live now they don't have Chrysalis, we have Emmaus and people drive up to 5 hours to attend the weekend. It's always really special. But they'd never have the opportunity to witness Clowning communion. I've tried to get my hands on it but I can't find it and I'm having trouble remember how it goes.
    Do you still have the script?
  3. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

    Kirsty, check your email, I sent it there. De Colores!!!
  4. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    Pinky, glad to see that you are still around. You have been very quiet lately.
  5. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

    I lurk now and again. I've been busy working and making cakes. I clown occasionally, mostly with my alley. I actually have my first "paying" gig tomorrow; I'm singing Happy Birthday to a doctor at his office. The nurses said they want to "embarrass the snot out of him", so Pinky's the gal for the job!
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  6. Simply Knute

    Simply Knute Well-Known Member

    DEEEEE COLORES!! lol i too am a chrysalis kid!! my dad and i have done the clown communion for the last 3 years or so there really isnt a script for it its more of just things for the front clown to remember to do.. chrysalis is amazing!! i have been a part of 10 flights now i love it!!!
  7. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

    You're right, Knute, there isn't any set "script". What I give out is just the instructions and props needed, as my clown partner and I have performed it for Emmaus and different churches. De Colores!
  8. Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter New Member

    i sent you my email adress thanks for the help
  9. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Tell me more about chrysalis, kindly. I'm familiar with De Colores being used as a part of some other Christian apostolates, but am not familiar with this particular one.
  10. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

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  11. Sir Pops-Alot

    Sir Pops-Alot New Member

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  12. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

    Love that! It's a little different than the way we do it (we use two clowns), but just as powerful.
  13. Ty-Me

    Ty-Me New Member

    I have seen the one that takes two clowns and have had them at my church twice and each time there were tears in eveyones eyes. I like this one aswell done great by one clown.
  14. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    This is Christian clowning done right. "Why?" you ask. Because it focuses on character and a genuine discovery experience which reveals through the skit's action something about the clown. Which is what ANY good clowning ought to accomplish. Unfortunately, some ministry clowning frustrates me as I often see it as simply a way of being didactic by employing clowns. Well, why bother clowning, then? The same thing could be done just as well without any sort of character and the bother of putting on slap and motley. But here we have something different: a telling of story through clown in such wise as to relate a truth which he owns and is able to sincerely share.
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  15. Freddie The Clown

    Freddie The Clown New Member

    Easter communion single Clown Skit - Powerful!

    Good day to all!
    Along with being a clown and many other things I am a Pastor of a small but growing town church. After hearing about the clown's communion I felt compelled to research and find out if it would be appropriate for our communion service.

    After watching the above link I was totally taken by the power and wonder of the skit, and by the time the clown is understanding the meaning of the bread I was sobbing!

    And, as I am going to my Parents for Easter we decided to have our Easter communion service a week early. We also have an open Sunday school on the first Sunday of every month so all the Children would be out participating in this very sacred ritual - I believe it is very important for Children to understand "This do we in remembrance".

    So I prepared the props, and (I knew the band who did the music) I downloaded and bought the song of the internet, and did the skit! I did dress down a little from my regular suit as I didn't want to take away from the message, and the result! Everyone from 6 years old and up understood what was going on! A 9 year old boy was crying, a 6 year old boy was trying to hide from what was going on, and the adults were crying! It was absolute the best communion service I have every been in and conducted! I was sobbing by the time I put the crown of thorns on the bread, and almost lost my composure!

    This was an experience that I will never forget!:cry:

    I strongly suggest people do this!
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  16. Pinky Shortcakes

    Pinky Shortcakes New Member

    What a great blessing, Eddie! I cry every single time I perform it, and I think the honesty of emotion only adds to the experience. So glad you took a leap of faith and shared this awesome message!
  17. Dusty B

    Dusty B Hobo Clown At Large

    I haven't looked at the link for the two-clown communion yet, but that one-clown one...WOW. I had to watch it twice! I even pantomiming it at home several times to see if I could get it right. I find that I don't have to fake the tears when I get to the crucifixion. I can just imagine someone hearing about it for the first time. I wonder if adding a couple of gestures to it to indicate that "He did that for ME?!?" might contribute to the message as well. Can't wait to pitch THAT act to a church and see if they'll let me share it with their congregation!
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  18. Freddie The Clown

    Freddie The Clown New Member

    If anyone would like to get the music that was used in the video. I have a link to a store that sells the song by itself for .99 cents. It was sung by a group "2nd Chapter of Acts" I used to listen to them years ago and recognized them right away. The skit is very powerful, and will move anyone to tears. I am and have watched it about 6 times and even used it in our communion on Sunday. I was sobbing through the act. very effective!:)
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  19. Walmoe1

    Walmoe1 Now clowning under God's Big Top


    Even though I'm not sure of the appropriateness of the use of clowns in a communion situation (I belong to a very small Baptist church that would never consider the use of clowns in the church service) I LOVED that video and even found myself with a tear in my eye near the end. I can dig it!
  20. Pippi

    Pippi New Member

    Help! I found the one on Tangle before, and it is about the only one clown skit I can find for communion. Only, I am a cutsie little girl clown with pink and purple and pig tales and a big hoop skirt...how on earth do I adapt this skit for a hobo to me, a "little girl" whiteface? Freddie, I don't know the name of the song...if I did I could find it myself. I am not on a computer with sound at the moment so I can't listen to it to try and figure it out. can you help with that? I might know someone who has if if I can get him the name...Thanks so much!

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