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Clown healing

Discussion in 'Church and Ministry Clowning' started by Red bald, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Red bald

    Red bald New Member

    I do not know if I out this in the right forum thread or not and if I did I am sorry.

    My name is Travis Good and as you can see from a previous thread I did try to commit suicide a few years back when I got back from Afghanistan because of PTSD and survivors guilt. My wife, than girlfriend, saved me and helped me heal along with therapy. I now have two beautiful boys ages 4 and 2. None of that would not have been possible without the love and warmth of someone special.

    But since I started clowning my life has changed even more. I find my gaze widening so I can see the beauty in almost everything. It is spiritual and just plain nice. My moods have been better and I am just more pleasant to be around.

    Since I was discharged honorably from the military after 16 years I sought a career that would not involve me being around a lot of people so that I could isolate myself. I chose to be an embalmer. That is right I became a mortician. There will be no one around to yell at me or make me feel mad, sad, glad or troubled. And if they did than I would run away screaming.

    Clowning has also improved my confidence so that I can be around more people and have fun. And I do not have to have the makeup on anymore when I am out like I used to when I started. I can now and I do feel that I am a productive and valued member of society again.

    Clowning has also improved my art of embalming. I can now apply the restorative arts like hair and makeup more efficiently.
    My attitude change has become one that now I am actually working in the office with the families and helping them out.

    SO I guess I was wondering if clowning has changed any of your lives like it has mine?
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  2. Snoetje

    Snoetje Well-Known Member

    That is great to hear...eh read! :D

    My life changed a lot too. I'm still not there yet, but it has been improved so much. I used to be a very isolated, depressed and scared person and didn't do much else than drawing. I couldn't really talk to people, the only person I had contact with was my boyfriend.

    But through clowning I learned to overcome so many fears. To be able to clown I have to do many things which are scary for me, but since I love it so much, I have the willpower to beat these fears! Especially since I'm working on a theater show, this show asks a lot of me. Actually, it asks everything of me! It's very hard and I stumble upon everything I fear, also the things I fear the most. But, it's my dream, and this dream gives me all the power I need! I already did some of the most scary things, now I feel unbeatable! Haha!
    Being someone with social phobia wanting to make people laugh is a ridiculous combination, even most normal people wouldn't want to be on stage trying to make people laugh, but somehow I can do it!

    Next to beating fears, I also have a goal! I'm always busy, never bored again. And I have a healthier body because I actually use my body instead of sitting on a chair all day.
    I'm also psychological healthier. I used to be very isolated and lonely, which got me very depressed. Not only because I didn't have contact with people, also because I couldn't express myself enough.
    Now I can interact with people and make new little friends for a day, I feel I add something positive to the world because I make children laugh and smile, I can expres myself and with this theater show I can work with other people!

    One of the best choices I have made! I never regret it and it means so much to me! :)
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2014
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  3. Red bald

    Red bald New Member

    That is a fantastic story or your life and progress Snoetje. I am happy for you.
  4. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    Yay, for Red Bald!!!
  5. dova75

    dova75 New Member

    Hi Red Bald,
    I understand what you are talking about. I am a 3 time Iraq Vet my self and every time I cam back I left a little of my old self there. I kept telling my self that I was fine and that there was nothing wrong with me. I even was one that went around hating guys that would say that they had PTSD. Now when I look back I know I was stupped to thing that. Now don't get me wrong I still think that there is a lot of guys that fake it just to get out or get benefits. Like there is a lot of guys that never even left the FOB but yet come back talking like they we in fights and stuff. Those are the ones that I still think they are fake. Now do I have PTSD yes but not as bad to get help but enuf to see that I have it. I go off easily on my kids and friends and I say away from places with a lot of ppl. But I am working on it. I am still in the army and will retire out of it. I just take it one step at a time and I also think that clowning wil help me get back to be the person I was before.
    I am so glade that you where able to fine some one to help you out and I hope you never see those days ever again.
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  6. Loopy

    Loopy Well-Known Member

    I deployed 4 times myself two to Iraq and two to Afghanistan and Infantry like Dova only thing that affects me now is I don't like the shades and curtains opened in the house at night cause I keep thinking I'm going to get sniped. Being a clown helps alot not only to yourself but can also cheer up others around you.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2014
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  7. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you guys came back alive, and I'm sorry to hear about the PTSD. It is frustrating that people don't understand how being in combat affects people. Or how scary it can be to not have control of your mind or emotions.

    I'm also glad that you all found clowning. Don't forget that making yourself laugh is just as important as getting others to laugh.
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