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Daniel in the Lions Den

Discussion in 'Church and Ministry Clowning' started by lil Penelope, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. lil Penelope

    lil Penelope New Member

    I am doing a Daniel in the Lions Den themed VBS this summer and am looking for some skits. I need something to do with the "story of Daniel" being courage" standing for God" standing alone" "doing what's right":oops:
  2. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Isaac Airfreight??
  3. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    The Romans were very angry when they saw Daniel had climbed into the Lion's Den. They decided to put a wild, fierce animal in there, that would attack people and act as some kind of deterrent, to stop this kind of thing happening again.

    An older lion told the younger lion, "Don't just run up and eat the Christians. They taste better if you start roaring, showing off your big mouth, sharp fangs and powerfull claws, to scare the crap out of them first".

    Daniel sat on a thorn and declared himself King of the Dyslexics.

    When Daniel saw the lion, he fell to his knees and prays to be spared. But then he saw the lion kneeling and praying as well, so he says "Thank God - you're a Christian, too!" The lion replies "Yes, but I'm only saying grace before dinner."

    Then the lion said "Don't worry Daniel, I wont eat you, I'm a canibal", as he shamefully swallowed his pride.

    A waiter came and asked the lion what he would like for his mane, he asked for a trim and blow dry.

    And the moral of the story is, stay away from Romans.
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  4. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I just can't help but think that some sort of play on the cowardly lion from Wizzard of Oz could be ironically funny here. The lion WANTS to eat Daniel, but just can't bring himself to it, as he desperately needs "courage!"
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  5. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    Jesus took a thorn out of his crown and stuck it in the lions paw. The lion asked, “Why did you do that?”. Jesus replied, “Because because because because becaussssse”. Noah couldn’t remember the name of Dorothy’s dog until he put to and to together. Moses led the Hebrew slaves off down the Yellow Brick Road and Daniel was left wondering why the Pope was wearing Dorothy’s slippers.
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  6. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

    You know, maybe it's just because I came back from seeing the Lion King, but I think that the costumes used in that show might be a nice inspiration (especially if you want them to see the entertainer's face). Maybe not do the awesome headdress, but rather paint someone's face up with a feline pattern.

    I think it might work if you want to go with a more serious bent. If Daniel is talking to a dude in a fluffy animal costume, it might seem to absurd. Him talking with a person who's intelligent (and maybe threatening him with a sword/claw), could hammer the point of the danger involved.

    Depends on what you want to do, really. Most everyone here is taking the comedic stance. If you are looking into themes of courage, maybe a little bit of danger would help out. Perhaps built on the lion threatening Daniel, and then going, "Why shouldn't I eat you?"

    Progressing toward Daniel reaching out to the lion and the lion being pals. End it with the King being shocked that someone who's as naturally cold-blooded a killer as the lion could ever turn away from doing what comes easy to him.
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  7. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    The Lion King being based upon Hamlet, maybe Daniel could pick up a skull and state, “Alas, poor Goliath, I knew him well."

    Of course, the lion's name could be Daniel, also...appearing directly from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood." Ok, tiger cub, whatever....cats are cats...and especially dangerous if female. There you go..Daniel the dysphoric cat, who just can't seem to find his tale.
  8. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    You don't have to go to the expense and effort of "The Lion King", type costuming and makeup, to create a simple lion's mask.


    A young lion in the den asked Daniel for a game of chess but the mother lion said stop playing with your dinner.

    "Tie his legs up first", said another lion, "Eating fast food is not good for you".

    I found this a poem, which could be performed with actions suggested to animate it.
    Dan and the Lions

    I'm a hungry lion (kneel down on all fours)
    Big and fierce (rear up with arms out and claw at the air)
    I have a fluffy mane (stroke hair)
    And little small ears (flap hands by head to signal flapping ear)
    I am a carnivore
    (That means I eat meat) (pretend to bite a child)
    The animals run away from me (children run away from you)
    But I catch them with my feet! (catch a child around the waist with hands)
    My friends and I were hungry
    We lived in a pit:
    The poor little lions
    Who never got fed! (make sad face)
    Then they threw down a man (push the air)
    And we thought "YAY! Fresh meat!" (make happy face)
    But the Lord closed our mouths (cover mouth with hand)
    And we just couldn't eat! (keep mouth covered / make shocked face)
    We snuggled down next to him (children lie down with you)
    And he went straight to sleep (close eyes)
    This man had no fear
    Of our mighty sharp teeth! (bare teeth)
    Then came the king
    Who called "Daniel, are you okay?"
    And the man began to sing:
    "I'm fine! It's another day!"
    The king he was glad (make happy face)
    And so were we
    Cause then he got mad (make angry face)
    And threw down meat! (push the air)
    120 servants (pretend to eat the children)
    That makes a great feast (continue with above action)
    Daniel went free
    But we still got to eat! (make happy face)
    So thank the Lord
    For His reward
    We couldn't eat one man
    But we ate a whole horde! (pretend to eat the children again)
    Now the king said to the people
    This God you must follow (point upwards)
    He knows what He's doing -
    His promises aren't hollow!
    He's the Lord who feeds lions
    And the God who cares for us
    He's the Lord of justice (shake finger)
    And the God of love (cross heart with hands)
    So follow this God -
    You'll never go wrong (shake head)
    Read the Bible and pray (bring hands together in 'book' and pray)
    And praise Him with a song (cup mouth)
    This God who adopted us
    And made us His sons
    He is the God of love (cross heart with hands)
    Which never runs out! (shake head)
    Reading that poem made me realise, I didn't know the story at all. I thought it had something to do with Daniel previously removing a thorn from the lion's paw. But it turns out that was St. Jerome and he’s not even in the Bible. So I read the Bible story today and am now fully acquainted with the facts. Except that's left me feeling a little confused and slightly disgusted. I now have absolutely no understanding as to why you Christians might like this story or how it gives you any confidence in this kind, gentle, benevolent, loving god, you keep on talking about.

    Why did the hundreds of innocent children and their mothers have to be brutally torn apart and killed by the lions? Why didn’t God save them too? They were completely innocent and did nothing wrong but they were the ones in the end that suffered and got killed. It was a spiteful and malicious act by a God with a blood lust, who seems quite fond of human slaughter.

    The moral of this story should be, have courage kids, even when you do what's right, God might choose on a whim, to kill you in a horrible, gruesome and painful way. Amen.
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  9. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

  10. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

    The moral of the story is that the world can be a terrible place and, God or no, people are going to be horrible to each other. To recount a story where children are saved magically isn't true to real life, and honestly, not even true to the Bible. (Just a few examples: the Jews living in slavery in Egypt, the Babylonian exile, and... the big one... Jesus being crucified by the Romans.) It's all a consequence of free will: you are free to do as you do, and for some people (such as the King in Daniel) that means tossing you into a lion's pit because of sneaky political maneuvering.

    Nowhere in the Bible does it say, "If you accept God, your life is going to be easy from now on." Seriously. Acts even says, "Take up the cross and follow me," which is pretty poignant considering that almost all of the 12 apostles were brutally martyred. Even Paul, basically the 13th apostle, was beheaded. They didn't receive quite the same reprimand as Daniel and went the way of, as you said, "the hundreds of innocent children and their mothers have to be brutally torn apart and killed by the lions".

    The story, in fact, is one of endurance and sticking to your beliefs even in the face of death. This should be a familiar story to anyone of every faith or belief. Sometimes God is going to save you from the lions. Sometimes you're going to get your head chopped off. The ultimate fate is out of control, but what is in our control is whether we stick to what we believe in.
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  11. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

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  12. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Oh, you mean CATHOLIC theology!
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  13. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    Did you not know Tim? When David's Dysphoric Gender Disorder was diagnosed, he realised he was a lesbian trapped inside a mans body. Which despite the Pope's fondness for ladies footwear, got him into a lot of trouble with the Catholic Church. The Pope said, "Damnatio ad bestias".
    David replied, "You have to question the modus operandi of people who use latin".
    The lions said, "We love lesbians we're a gay pride".
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  14. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Although, the oversized kitties' dysphoria is not gender, but genome. Not to worry. They are meeting with a gene therapist to talk these things through.
  15. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)

    Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft) Old Bucket Spitter

    Well it is the Clown Forum and until you've had any experience of the place, the "comedic stance", is exactly what you might expect. I know a little better than that but regardless, I’m still throwing out ideas in my mischievous, nonsensical, irreverent and clowny manner, in the hope that some of it might serve to inspire.

    There’s a famous seaside place called Babalonia
    Daniel visited there for some fun.
    Unfortunately he was pushed into the lions den,
    the only way out, through a lion's bum.

    “It's Christians for dinner, my favourite”, said the lion.
    Daniel said “Oh dear, I don’t stand a chance,
    I’m right proper blooming scared”.
    (You could tell by the skids in his underpants).

    King Darius did not find it hilarious
    The thought of his friend Daniel coming out a lions anus
    So to cure his attack of insomnia
    He prayed to the gods Buddha, Brahma and Allah

    When down from heaven came an angel
    And said “Cheer up Daniel, it‘s your lucky day.
    God’s decided he’d prefer to kill children,
    so for your execution, he’s granted a stay".
  16. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    nice to see your still around, Barry. I get pulled away for a year and they place is still the same. Maybe it's time to paint in here.
  17. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    And it's great too see that the lion has, at last, passed you though, too Scruff!
  18. lil Penelope

    lil Penelope New Member

    Larry the clown, I'm not sure what you are trying to say here. the story of Daniel is a true Bible story. God did save Daniel from the lion's and he had his accusers and their families thrown to the lions' because that was a way He dealt with sin and sinful people. God did and still deal harshly with sin. I think many people today (get away with sin) but will pay in the end. I didn't post this to start a talk about what God did in the story. I am only wanting skits for VBS.
  19. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

    Apologies if I came off as rude. I'm not trying to shoot down the truthfulness to the story. I was merely trying to fill in the circumstances around it and what it meant in the greater view of things since come of the commenters seemed unfamiliar with it (and confused it with what is probably an Aesop's Fable). Daniel, after all, was one of the Israelites in exile who worked as an advisor for a foreign king (Darius), and he did get maneuvered politically into getting thrown into the den.

    From Daniel 6: 4-5

    4 So the governors and satraps sought to find some charge against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find no charge or fault, because he was faithful; nor was there any error or fault found in him. 5 Then these men said, “We shall not find any charge against this Daniel unless we find it against him concerning the law of his God.”

    In any case, if it was my skit that seemed insensitive, I apologize. I was trying to perhaps put together an interesting spin on the tale with some artistic liberties. As always, it could be performed as it is directly as it is in the Bible, but this being a Clown Forum I didn't know if you wanted it to be a little more creative or not.
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  20. Pookie

    Pookie Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Barry...

    Daniel was Jewish, not Christian. Just sayin'.
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