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Easy Magic Tricks I can Teach Children

Discussion in 'Magic' started by Pickles, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Hello, clowns!

    I am putting together a 60-minute "clown school" for a daycare center. I will be teaching about 20 or so 5-9-year-olds about something pertaining to clowning. Then we will perform a show for the entire daycare center. The director said that the kids don't have to be involved in the show but I would like them to be in at least part of it.

    Obviously, with only an hour, we won't be able to cover too much. I thought I would teach them a skit or two that they can perform and several magic tricks. I am looking for easy magic tricks that use matierals found around the house or inexpensive items I can pick up at the local discount store.

    Any ideas?

    As always, thanks for your ideas.
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  2. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Rubber band tricks.

    What about some of the stuff they used to teach on the Moosecamp bus, like untangling wine corks (same can be done with toothpicks or pencils) and the thing with crossing your arms intertwining your fingers and undoing it all without separating your hands.

    There are a lot of cheap novelty tricks which you can purchase and teach, then upsell at the event.
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  3. Barnie Bonkers

    Barnie Bonkers Well-Known Member

    How about using a penny and teaching them a basic "French drop"/coin palming... then pulling the coin out of someones ear.

    5 year olds can't quite do it, (but they can try)...I taught it to the 4 1/2 year old (he is kinda advanced for his age) He can drop the coin into his palm, but keeps looking at that hand 8)... but he has so much fun trying to do magic and "trick" people that it works well enough.
  4. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Whooshplat, will you please teach me how to grow a newspaper tree?
  5. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Well, clowns, the daycare "clown school" when amazingly well.

    We ended up doing a variety of clowny activities during our two hours together. When I met the kiddos, I did a little bit of clown silliness with a growing glove and my giant foam camera. Then we had a few minutes of discussion about clowns, warmed up our clowny facial muscles, practiced falling, etc.

    I taught them the "I have to go Wee" skit, which they performed in our show, and also distributed kazoos to all. The Sunshine Daycare Kazoo band performed in the show, and I directed them, using my pickle baton.

    We played invisible catch with paper bags, learned how to magically command a packet of ketchup to go up and down in a water bottle, and also made a card illusion.

    I think their favorite part was making balloon space mice, and launching them simultaneiously.

    Before I left, they all hugged me. One little boy approached me and said "Pickles, you are a very funny clown."

    It went so well that I may start marketing a two-hour clown workship and magic show to area daycares. (I can't believe I'm saying that.)

    As always, thanks for your advice.
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  6. RandyMagic

    RandyMagic New Member

    I think the simplest and easy trick for 5-9 years old children would be spoon-bending trick. Here is the description: The key to performing easy magic tricks for kids like this is all in how you hold the spoon while “bending” it. Grab the spoon and hold it with both hands closed around the handle. Make sure that the spoon is not peeking out the top of your hands. Now place the bottom bowl of the spoon, open side up, onto the table. As you begin to press down on the spoon, you allow the handle to slide along the inside of your hand until it reaches the bottom of your palm. This makes it look like the spoon is bending from the spectator’s point of view, even though you are not bending it at all. Your other hand that appears to be gripping the spoon is hiding the spoon handle sliding in your first hand.
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  7. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Newspaper trees, rubber-band stuff (jumping band, etc), and the magic knot tying are great and I would 100% go with those. I guarantee that if you try to teach a french drop or spoon bending trick to 5 year old kids in general you'll have more aggravation than success. I know you can teach some of them some relatively advanced moves and theories (my soon to be 7 y.o. has been doing a lot for a few years now) but that goes out the window when you move away from one-on-one instruction.

    I don't know (m)any 5 year old children that could successfully do a spoon bending trick which is unfortunate since about the only people in today's world who are impressed by this trick, is probably a 5 year old (if then...). Go with stuff that is easy to do (virtually self-working) such as the newspaper tree and it will go as smooth as you can hope for. This way, the kids who want to do magic can make the tree, and the ones who don't want to can still screw around and do something craft-ish with the newspaper. It's a win-win... That is, unless you want to spend an extra 4 or 5 unpaid hours at the daycare center with kid's who aren't your own teaching something that as soon as you're out of sight, they don't care about. (Again, the tree is something that is visual that they can take home with them - attach your business card to the tree for their parents to see)...
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