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Face Painting 1-2-3 (android app)

Discussion in 'Face Painting' started by vinczu, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. vinczu

    vinczu New Member

    Hi All,

    I was on a children birthday party some months ago and there was a lady, who made face paintings. I’m very bad at drawing, but I was curious if there were an app with step-by-step pictures, would I ever be able to make a face painting.
    I could not find such app, so I’ve made this app and actually I asked parents at the next children party to make face paintings using this app and it worked. And succeed also for me.

    This app is not for professional face painters, but for novices and also for such people, who is interesting about face painting, but never made it before.

    The main advantage is that it provides clear step-by-step pictures. And as it is an app, it is always available in your pocket. (the lady actually was carrying printed pictures)

    Enjoy and have fun!



    Best regards,
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  2. Face painting for the first time can definitely be nerve-wracking but it looks like you are already off to a great start! Like others said, using some templates can help direct you at first. Also, just PRACTICE AND PRACTICE! Nothing can replace the hours behind the paint brush. Take a look at others work and try copying them at first and then doing your own personal variations.

  3. sean wilson

    sean wilson New Member

    This would be really handy for volunteers at an event.
  4. vinczu

    vinczu New Member


    Yes, we had a family day at my company and we’ve hosted a face painting event there. All paintings were done by parents with this application. Was so funny to see how skeptic were they at the beginning. Most of them first reaction was that: ‘looks impossible that I can make a good face painting’ and then finally everybody succeed.

    This forum just came to my mind that announce the new version, which includes: Monkey.



  5. vinczu

    vinczu New Member

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