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Favorite Balloon Colors: Betallatex vs. Qualatex

Discussion in 'Balloon Sculpture' started by Pickles, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    I am getting ready to place a balloon order. In the past I have used primarily Qualatex balloons. I have used some Betallatex hearts and assortments, and am considering ordering more of the single colors from Betallatex this time. Which are your favorite colors in both brands? Any that I should stay away from?
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  2. Sir Pops-Alot

    Sir Pops-Alot New Member

    I like both brands equally well, my favorite colour is Betallatex Bubble Gum Pink.

    I also recomend Betallatex Blush, Peach Blush and Deluxe Caramel, when you have these and Qualatex Blush, Mocha Brown, and Chocolate you have a great selection of skin tones for Lootles and princesses.

    Any of the solid colours (fassion/standard/deluxe) I use B or Q interchangably, but I avoid jewel tones and crystal selection, there ok if you need transparent colours but a little more prone to pop. I haven't had any need for some of the other selections like pearl, metalic, neon, or pastel so I can't coment on those.
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  3. goofeydogg

    goofeydogg New Member

    I do mostly line work (Events and Parties)

    The colors I use most in order are:

    White, LT pink, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Onyx Black, Lime Green, Mocha Brown, Spring Lilac, and Golden Rod.

    Thanks you Guys and Gals are the Best!
  4. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    I used to go only with Qualatex and for the most part I like their colors best but I got Betallatex black and like that better. I think it is stronger and less prone to pop but not too stiff. My main complaint with Betallatex is that they are too stiff. I tried the Betallatex Metallica Terracotta and my poor old floor pump could barely blow it up. It was a beautiful shiny color but it was really skinnny. I won't get metallica colors again, but the Pearl Burnt Sienna in Qualatex is a good substitute. I did get the neon Qualatex and find the crowd loves em. They appear to be a little shorter than the regular colors but you can stretch them after pumping and that helps. I also like the new colors of wild berry and robin egg blue. They make cute two colored ear dogs like the dark blue and robin egg blue for a blue's clues dog.
    Sara K.
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  5. Alex

    Alex ...much nicer in person!!!

    You need a new pump.
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  6. Willy Nilly

    Willy Nilly New Member

    My problem isn't an old pump, but an old pumper.
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  7. I have been using mostly the B balloons, I do prefer them as they tend to be truer to the length. Blow up both and see for your self.

    I have a mixture of both, the color options are great in both. I agree with Wannbe I use both interchangeably.

    You can tell the difference by the tip end of the balloon... if you were to have the same color of each ... then you can see and feel the difference.
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  8. goofeydogg

    goofeydogg New Member

    Thank you for this Post I have only used Q-balloons because they are the only ones that my local store carries. But It sounds like the B-balloons may be longer and sturdier. I will have to try them out!

    Thanks You Gals and Guys are the Best!!
  9. Sir Pops-Alot

    Sir Pops-Alot New Member

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  10. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    Would somebody tell Fitz to comment on this thread? I know that there are some "B" colors that he prefers over "Q" colors. YOO HOO, FITZ!!
  11. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    I think it was an old thread by Fitz where he suggested the black 'B' and the terracotta and burnt sienna. Two out of three ain't bad!
    Sara K.
  12. Fitzwilly

    Fitzwilly COAI Secretary

    Scruffy just clued me in about this thread.

    I really like the Betallatex Black much better than Qualatex's Onyx Black. I have much less "poppage" with the B Black.

    Any of the Betallatex metallics need to be hand stretched a few times before inflating. When you do this you will actually feel the balloon change. It is kind of like a new stick of gum when it is cold outside. It is really stiff at first but start to chew it and wow, what a difference.

    I love both the Robin's egg blue and the Tropical teal however I sometimes trade out Tropical teal with Betallatex Turquoise green. It is a little farther along the green scale and therefore "more different" from the Robin's egg blue.
    I have not used Betallatex's Key Lime green for a few years now. I have heard they fixed the issue but when it first came out they were weak and popped all the time. Since it is almost the same shade as Q's Lime I usually buy that.

    B's Marigold is another one I have avoided for a few years now for the same reason. I hope it has gotten better and knowing B it probably have but Goldenrod is pretty close.

    I love the Metallic Key Lime and Metallic Fuchsia. I don't use many but when I do it catches people's attention.

    Like Wannabe I use B's Bubble Gum Pink. A much richer pink that either B's pastel pink or Q's pale pink.

    I used to use B's Fuchsia all the time (I rarely touch Q's rose) but now that Q has Wild Berry it is almost a toss up.

    *** Wannabe - Did Carmel replace Toffee which replaced Mocha a few years ago? I really liked the B Mocha as it was more of a green based blush color. Great for Asian and Hispanic skin tones.

    I need to look at my balloon belt and balloon wall and then add more comments.
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  13. Sir Pops-Alot

    Sir Pops-Alot New Member

    That sounds correct Fitzwilly, I currently have some toffee and carmel but I prefer the toffee which is great for "olive skin" but the carmel is very, very close to Qs mocha.
  14. Squiggles

    Squiggles New Member

    We recently purchased B marigold because they were out of Q goldenrod and we could not make a creature for nothing without it popping. If we were lucky enough to get something finished it wouldnt be long before the finished thing was popping or loosing air. And thanks for the info becuase the blacks we got in Q..reminded me of the Rice Krispies guys...snap , crackle, pop....almost every time. I also had alot of trouble with some Q pinks I ordered earlier in the summer.
  15. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    Squiggles what was the lot number? 201004 was a bad lot. Check the bag if you still have it. They told me they got left on the something too long. They may replace em if you ask. They did me but I called way back in June. Anyway for what it is worth I still like qualatex pink. The B's are a little darker but not much. They are stiffer, but maybe now that I got a pro pump they won't be so bad but I hate having to pre-stretch balloons (guess I'm lazy). It may be O.K. for restaurant work or birthday parties when you aren't doing fast line work. The metallic pearl brown sienna Q's are fine but the terra cotta B's I got are a bear and even if you do pre stretch they blow up skinny. And YES I do now use a mini mac lite pump and they still are not easy to blow up.
    Sara K.
  16. SCOOP

    SCOOP Ace Reporter

    well i will have to go threw my apron and look at the colors and sizes i am using i have been talking about switching to black b's for the same reason as said earlier and the jewel tones i will never get again and haven't for a long time since learning how to make some of the princesses i have been looking for another shade of brown so thanks for the advice there.
  17. lpmorgens

    lpmorgens New Member

    I like Q Brown much better than B. B's Chocolate Brown looks grayish in comparison.
  18. Toria the clown

    Toria the clown New Member

    I may just be strange but I prefer simply buying the heavy duty balloons from Hobby Lobby... They work really well for me.
  19. Special K'z

    Special K'z Well-Known Member

    Piece for piece they are probably way more expensive. Have you tried Betallatex? If you haven't tried them side by side then you should to make sure you are seeing the differences you state. I find the balloons from Hobby Lobby you are not sure how fresh they are. Maybe yours moves them quicker but I find they deteriorate much faster no shelf life.

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