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First street performance!

Discussion in 'Variety and Street Performance' started by HugoTheTramp, May 22, 2017.

  1. HugoTheTramp

    HugoTheTramp New Member

    Gorsh! I sure am excited! There's going to be this local little outdoor market event, where all sorts of people, both local businesspeople and just ordinary folks gather up sell stuff from homemade pet stones to candy and sausage; I'll be going there to start up my own little clown-corner.

    Basically I had in mind doing different gags mixed in with magic. For example, my hobo character trying to eat soup but my spoon keeps bending out of the way of my mouth! Or I blow bubbles into the air and start catching them.

    Anyhoo, I don't have much equipment besides the gear I use for my tricks. Might use a old box as a little table and sit on top of a newspaper; it'd fit my character.

    Does anyone have any useful tips that come in mind? Anything that just comes in mind? Something useful for a street performer to know?
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  2. maverick

    maverick Member

    Maybe a few imitations to start you off..

    Duck: simple duck your head, as if something was swooping down on you.

    Goose: while jumping up, give a shout as if something touched your behind. (better for adults than children)

    Chicken; Start begging that you don’t want something to happen to you.

    LIGHT HOUSE; while turning in a circle open and close your eyes slowly, your eyes being very wide as you return to the front.

    Railroad crossing sign: Hold your arms straight out, and then bend them at the elbow. Swing your arms back and forth while you alternate opening and closing your eyes as if they were flashing. Don’t forget the sound of bell.

    Man going up 3 flights of stairs:.... take 2 step forward-- pause 10 seconds …...take 2 step forward-- 2 steps left -2 steps left ---pause 10 seconds take 2 steps forward- 2 steps left -2 steps left..... pause 10 seconds take a step forward and say “

  3. V

    V Well-Known Member

    You must get to the point when working the street. It's a stage, but an impatient one that doesn't often wait for a very long build-up. Don't be rushed, but work on abridged versions of your favorite routines.
    You also need to keep the audience involved. Patter is more important than technique (although that needs to be polished as well). You don't have the benefit of a captive audience on a sidewalk, and if they start to walk away in groups - then the end is very near.
    On that same audience - you need a gathering. Work on a warm-up that gets the herd moving your way. You don't really want to work for 1 or 2 so much as 1 or 2 dozen at a time - especially so if you put out your hat.
    Practice, practice, practice... The sidewalk is where the hecklers are from. It's common to encounter them in their natural habitat, so to begin with - you need polished routines. You need said polished routines to be entertaining (see earlier point on moving fast), and you need the patter to deal with hecklers. FWIW - most improv patter isn't really improv at all - it's practiced and polished and because of that, it comes off smooth and is easily adaptable to most scenarios..

    ...and..... I just noticed this was a resurrected thread... So how did the first performance go?
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