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Discussion in 'Hospital Clowning' started by Dylan, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Dylan

    Dylan Active Member

    I have taken the mooseburger hospital clowning class and am wondering how other hospital clowns approached hospitals to set it up.

    also pay vs. no pay.... discuss
  2. Plywood

    Plywood New Member

    Are you thinking of visiting room to room, or doing a show when they have a special event?
  3. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    Ours has a hospical volunteer coordinator that I talked with, Any volunteer at our hospital must take the 2 day employee orientation classes, this is to cover HIPAA as well as other hospital rules and regulation. It's one of their requirements. I had to comply with all the reg for volunteers ie recent PPD [tb testing] update immunizations etc. The coordinator is who had to approve what I did and when I came, etc.
  4. I visit a Long Term Care Unit which not quite the same as a hospital. Because the staff know me from other places they let me drop in and go room to room if residents are awake and seem responsive. At first I always called ahead, but the told me to just come when I want to. I try to bring a pocket gag, but next time I may take some balloons. They don't prohibit latex.
  5. LeBonBon

    LeBonBon New Member

    I volunteered in nursing home doing activities and i even hosted a few ice cream socials in my day.
    so here we go

    - Look up the hospital in question they might just have volunteer info on the website and a number to call

    -CALL THEM BEFORE NOON (trust me)
    and say that you would like to donate you time and talent
    then they will say "Talent?? ...did you say talent??"
    to which you reply "Why indeed I did! I sir/madame am a clown ... not just 'a' clown, but an A+ clown, a top notch clown, a clown extraordinaire.I sir/madame bring joy, laughter, and child-like glee all with a side of whimsy."

    ...maybe tone it down a bit but you get the point!

    you may have to fill out some paperwork and you might have to get some shots updated or even take a class

    Now when it comes to payment i say NO! not at those places

    you will be gaining experience as well as getting exposure!

    ALWAYS TAKE BUSINESS CARDS!!!! why?? Nurses have children, children have birthday parties
    so if you are looking for gigs at b-day parties BOOM! jackpot
    the clown at my 5th birthday party was the one that was volunteering at the nursing home where
    my mom was working. i saw that clown at most of my friends parties after that.

    Ask questions abut allergies and policies

    so there you go :)
    i really hope this helps!
    Good luck =o)
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