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hi, I put on some makeup today<3

Discussion in 'The Clown Café' started by disco moon, May 22, 2017.

  1. disco moon

    disco moon New Member

    received_1131359043635695.jpeg It's just regular eyeliner and stuff. I'm going to order nice make up soon, and paint my entire face. I'm excited to do more detailed art and make outfits~~ received_1131359540302312.jpeg
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  2. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    A neat, unique look. I also like your colorful jacket/sweater.
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  3. WillyNilly

    WillyNilly Member

    Hi Flower:
    Cool outfit designs from previous posts, Not digging the third eye, I'ts just me. Do what floats your boat. From previous posts about costume design, I think (my opinion is like an a$$hole, everyone has one) is the Whiteface may be the way to go. What do you want your clown character to be? Your costume (drawings) seemed to implicate an aura of authority, reminiscent of Whiteface authoritarianism.
    Bottom line is do what you want to do. Let your Clown flag fly. Be the clown that is in your heart, do not be dissuaded by naysayers. You go girl!
    Also, I'd go more red than pink.
  4. Mavis Pierrot

    Mavis Pierrot New Member

    I like the concept, especially the third eye. I think it would go nicely with some sort of magic act if you do perform. You could tell the kids or whoever it is you're entertaining that the magic comes from your third eye. I'm partial to Auguste faces over whiteface and I think this design would go well on a flesh colored face. Maybe you could put some white eyeliner on your waterline and put on some fake lashes to give it some more dimension, even on the third eye. You could even use actual paint and layer it for the third eye.

    But that's just my opinion~
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