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Hi, I'm Steve Copeland

Discussion in 'Circus and Stage Clowning' started by SteveCopeland, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. SteveCopeland

    SteveCopeland New Member

    Hello everybody,

    My name is Steve Copeland, and I'm a clown.
    I've wanted to be a clown for as long as I can remember. My main influence as a child was watching the Dick Van Dyke hosted TV special for the 20th Anniversary of the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Clown College.

    I gave my first public performance at my church's talent show when I was around 7, and when I was 12 I landed my first birthday party performance. How, you might ask? By dressing up and waving at cars as they passed by my house.
    Hey, we all need to start somewhere!

    Throughout high school I was busy almost every weekend with birthday parties, local festivals, picnics, church shows....any place where I could work and learn as a clown.

    Since the age of 4, my direct goal was to be a clown with Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey. I had several mentors that helped guide my growth as a clown and answered any questions I had about working for The Greatest Show on Earth.
    My mentors were Sam Drummond, "Toto" Johnson, and Tricia Manuel, better known as Pricilla Mooseburger.
    I feel so fortunate that the three of them took the time to so graciously teach me what they knew. I even attended Trish's Moosecamp program in 2000 and 2001, where I got my first formal training in the art of clowning.
    I was fortunate to take classes in circus clowning from Frosty Little, and I soaked up any advice that the staff offered to me. It was also wonderful to be around other like minded people (there weren't any clowns in my hometown of Walterboro, SC).

    My senior year of high school I sent a promotional package to Ringling Bros and received a contract from them less than three months later. To say that I was overjoyed would be the understatement of the century.

    I spent five great years on Ringling's Blue Unit. I made a lot of friends, performed in front of millions of people, and got to see the majority of the country's major cities.
    I decided to "leave the nest" once the 2007 season concluded to see what the world of circus clowning had to offer.

    I spent the majority of 2008 unemployed, but I did get to perform my first Shrine Circus date as a solo clown (very scary going from a Clown Alley of 16 clowns to being the only joey in a three ring circus setting). I got to perform in an International Clown Festival in Shanghai, China, and I teamed up with my good friend, Ryan Combs, who I had worked with on Ringling for two years.

    Ryan and I formed a partnership, and our first big gig together was the Kelly Miller Circus: a one ring, tented, mud show out of Hugo, OK.
    We are entering our 5th season with Kelly Miller; we love it here. The creative freedom that is granted to us is invaluable. On top of that, we are treated well and we like the people we work for and with.

    On tour I write a blog every day that chronicles our misadventures on the road. The posts range from manic to mundane, but I try and give everyone reading a taste of what it is like to tour on a mud show.
    Right now we are on winter break; however, I believe we are working harder than we did this previous season!
    If you are interested in reading the blog, you can find it here:


    Also, keep checking our website: www.steveandryan.com for tour dates to find out when the Kelly Miller Circus is coming to your area.
    We'd love to have you visit; just drop me an e-mail and let us know that you're coming!

    Please forgive me for the painfully long introduction. I look forward to being a part of this community: helping out where I can, telling a story here and there, and hopefully sharing a lot of laughs.
    Thank you for your attention and see you down the road!

    Steve Copeland
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  2. Hi Steve! Welcome to the forum buddy!

    - Rob Corba
  3. Yanko

    Yanko New Member


    I remember seeing you in the Kelly Miller circus while you guys toured here in the Rio Grand Valley, Texas. You're currently working at Circo Hermanos Vazquez, right?

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