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How do you do walk arounds?

Discussion in 'Newbies to clowning' started by claratheclown, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. claratheclown

    claratheclown New Member

    I was wondering, and of course im not ready for this, but i was wondering, how do you get to do walk arounds? Im just curious and i want to do them someday. (for the record i'm dressed as a clown right now, it's my holloween costume that i made, i thought it would be good practice for my make-up and its helping me get a clown costume and character together without my parnets finding out what im up to, hehehe :wink: ) :( I dont think they would want me to be a clown.
  2. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    Walkarounds are usually done during parades.Generally in the Circus,they are done during the " Come in". This is the time when the patrons are finding their seats.Traditionally the circus would open an hour before the show actually started and the clowns would be out in the audience .It was also away to keep the crowds entertained before the show started.
    You can also do walkarounds if you are a "Strolling" clown. For example at a festival, carnival,or any type of outdoor event; you walk around entertaining people. Walk arounds depend pretty heavily on sight gags and are ment to be quick. When you are a strolling clown you are supposed to keep moving.Show your gag and keep moving.
  3. Gilbert

    Gilbert New Member

    I generally agree with scruffy, however I have found that stopping for short pre-prepared performance routines (must be well practiced) can work well. First it gives you a break from all the quick gags, second it gives people a chance to see you perform and third it gives you a chance to hand out your card to interested people at the end :wink:
  4. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    Depends on the crowd, strolling with a few simple gags, then stopping to do a mini show [routine] is what we do. I prefer walk around to being in one spot doing balloons all day.
  5. Picaburu

    Picaburu New Member

    I prefer to walkaround to interact with people... with some musics or gags... Normally, I do this with a group of clowns... I'm not secure to do it alone yet...

  6. Jobee

    Jobee New Member

    (I wish i could have done it with a group. I think it would have been even more fun.
  7. mr_buckaroo

    mr_buckaroo New Member

    i agree jobee working with other clown is like keystone cops on steroids it can be a kick
  8. ashes

    ashes New Member

    Our clown group is going to do a Christmas parade in early December.

    We've been working on ideas, but so far nothing really stands out.

    We don't know how many of us will be able to attend, for sure.

    The two female clowns are going to put bells on their wrists so they
    jingle when they wave and shake hands.

    I think I'm going to do the free "shoe shine" bit, while my compadre
    is thinking about doing the bit where he has a balloon to give to a
    spectator, yet they come away with only a bit of string.

    We tried to come up with something more original - I thought it would
    be fun to be all tangled up in holiday lights, and have a ladder as
    a prop between the two of us. I could see some opportunities for some
    physical comedy there. We wanted the lights to be lit, of course, but
    there aren't many strings of battery-powered lights out yet. We found
    some strings of 20 lights, but that's not enough for my idea.

    We were going to build a ladder out of some flimsy moulding - we found
    the exact right stuff. It would be light and what's more the ladder would be really
    flimsy and therefore funny in itself.

    In the mean time, we're open to other possibilities of walk-around gags. We
    can have anywhere between 2 to 9 or 10 clowns, depending on who can show
    or not. At the upper end, we have the making of a good kazoo band
    (We wish kazoo a Merry Christmas) or a clown "precision drill team"

    More realisticaly we will have 4 or 6 folks. Any good group-based walk-around
    gags for that size group?

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  9. mr_buckaroo

    mr_buckaroo New Member

    hey ashes get some old hand drills or cordless ones and you could have your own drill team.
  10. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    Good one Mr. Buckaroo. Sounds like a great Idea Ashes. It's alway more fun with more clowns!
  11. Jamz

    Jamz Moderator


    One thing I did in a parade is drag a rope {25 FT.) with a loop in it and wear a sing that says CAUTION WILD ELEPHANT When someone ask where is the elephant you say he got loose and start checking your pockets for him It doesent cost much and gets laughs
  12. ashes

    ashes New Member


    That's great, especially since we went to all the elementary schools this
    year with our fire safety skit that was a circus theme. We even
    had "Edith" the elephant in our skit~
  13. mr_buckaroo

    mr_buckaroo New Member

    when someone asks you where your elephant is and you have looked in your pockets and other ppls have the sign so you can flip it around and on the other side write caution elephant on the loose.
  14. Scruffy

    Scruffy Boss Clown/Administrator

    Great ideas!
  15. BIPS

    BIPS New Member

    Wild cow

    Jamz, I had something similar to that I tried out this weekend and it went over pretty good.

    I had about 10 feet of cotton rope, but I had a cowbell also tied to it around my suspenders. You could pull the rope and the bell would ring. I was going to make a sign that said "RING FOR SERVICE" but that didn't really go anywhere, although I left the belt on. After I left the pizza place, I went grocery shopping, and I was walking around and worked up a little patter that my cow had gotten loose. I didn't think about a sign, but the dual sided sign idea is great!
  16. Iowa_newbie

    Iowa_newbie New Member

    Love the elephant idea

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