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Information on Clowns and Clowning?

Discussion in 'Newbies to clowning' started by Alternative_Roo, May 26, 2017.

  1. Alternative_Roo

    Alternative_Roo New Member

    Well my first option to pull up information was to Google it. However this really hasn't pulled up much satisfactory information. So I was wondering if people may have the time to answer a few questions I have? I would much appreciate it.

    1) Are there many different types of Clowns? I've seen Sad Clowns, Typical Clowns (Bozo etc) and I've even seen "Gothic" Clowns. Something that goes back a bit I'm told, not really horror based but more somber and magic focused.

    2) What would be the base skills and the advanced skills you would suggest people learn?
  2. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    There are as many types of clowns as there are people, since each clown is really an individual reflection of one's own quirks and faults.

    But, there are also numerous clown "types", whether that be defined as the role they play in comic relationships or how they dress or how they function culturally/historically or just where they ply their trade. So, there is a wealth to explore and learn in this regard.

    Learn to relate to people, to read and interact with them improvisationally. Learn to write and edit. Learn to live life on the edge, push limits (but respect boundaries) and to walk the wire (figuratively speaking) such that your audience holds its breath, not knowing whether you'll succeed or which way you'll fall. Play with failure. Then get up and laugh it off. Breathe. Life is breath. Laughter is tension and release. Listen to your audience. Breathe with them. Then throw their breathing off. Develop a feel and sense of things, especially comedy. Watch and listen to old tv/radio/movies/vaudeville acts. Find yourself. Play. Be unique and true to self. Develop your own interests. Anything can be used as a tool for clowning, it is all in the how, not the what.
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