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Kiddieland is Closing

Discussion in 'Events and Announcements' started by tim, May 21, 2009.

  1. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    The last (and longest running) of the Chicago area amusement parks for kids (Six Flags doesn't count as that's aimed more at teens and up) is at long last closing.

    Kiddieland amusement park in Melrose Park to close :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

    Though not unexpected, it is an unfortunate development. The park has still been doing well but the part of the family which owns the land wants to sell it off. Consequently, so many of Chicago's children will be denied such a great experience as a small park with age appropriate rides and attractions offers. And those of us who once went to Kiddieland or hoped to one day take our own children are now left lost and longing. It seems like all the good things for children just keep disappearing.

    As a personal memory, I last saw Carson and Barnes Circus as a three ringer under canvas on Labor Day two years ago. As I stood on the lot watching tear down the Kiddieland fireworks show started. I stopped, stepped back, watched and enjoyed - knowing full well that this was something which soon would disappear. Little did I know that another great tradition in circus was also ending and that these two things would be tied together in my life that way.

    The good news is that there is still this year. So get to Chicago and go to Kiddieland if you can. I know that I will! All I have to find is some cute chick and a kid to accompany me and make the fun complete.
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  2. Artsy

    Artsy New Member

    I think we should all chip in and buy Kiddieland from them as a group investment.
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  3. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    I have $5 WHOS WITH ME!
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  4. Artsy

    Artsy New Member

    StuartPid, that $5 will buy you the toilet handle in the men's room, but it will be YOUR handle, and that's the sheer joy of partnering in an investment property.
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  5. StuartPid

    StuartPid Administrator/Pickles' Lady in Waiting

    Can I put my name on it... like engraved? That would be SO COOL!
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    CHOPPER New Member

    I hate progress......the older i get the more crouchity i get about this so called great country of ours...especially whe it concerns the greed of the almighty dollar and even more so when i read or hear about it going on within a family which is blood related...sham eon this family...shame shame....oh how i wish a had bill gates wealth...it is things like this that would make me just go buy this place and keep it there....i would like to have that merry go round...makes a guy want to be like charlton heston in the planet of the apes and just scream...."d*mn.! D*mn you people"
    i truly believe that the human race is slipping away..
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  7. Darrell

    Darrell Well-Known Member

    I just read the article. I know that I don't know the family members personally but it seems to me like a bunch of spoiled children and grandchildren who could have worked together to keep Kiddieland running.
  8. Artsy

    Artsy New Member

    Chopper, is that an offer to purchase your portion of the clown forum investment? Shall I engrave a brass plate for the merry-go-round with your name on it? Bzzzzzzzzz. I've got the engraver turned on. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    CHOPPER New Member

    Artsy...in this day and age of economy.. Id be lucky to be able to afford the rein off one of those horses....but put me down for 50.00 somewhere..maybe a little more further into the summer..
  10. Perry Noia

    Perry Noia New Member

    looks like it really was geared towards the little ones... too bad :(
  11. Artsy

    Artsy New Member

    :scribbles on note pad:

    CHOPPER--one horse reign

    Okay, so far we have a toilet handle and a horse reign. It won't be long til we all own KiddieLand! YAY!

    Now... who has a backyard big enough for all this stuff?
    Last edited: May 21, 2009
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  12. Dusty B

    Dusty B Hobo Clown At Large

    I live in an apartment, but my patio definitely has space for one horse reign and one toilet handle. :) I may even be able to pitch in and buy a couple of the lightbulbs there!
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  13. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    It was. Which is what makes it so unique. Eventually, they added some rides for the older kids and adults, too. But part of the fun was always the height restrictions. On some rides, you couldn't enter if you were over a certain height. And if you were between certain heights, then you could only enter accompanied by an adult. So the grown up still got to ride with the kid because of it!
  14. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I really do wish some investor would buy this out. Or maybe a company which is looking for a tax writeoff of some sort. Take the loss for a good purpose. The irony is that the land won't sell for as much now that the markets are down. So it seems a terrible time to not just extend the park for a few more years, at least.

    First Polk Brothers went out of business in that neighborhood, now Kiddieland.
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  15. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    OK, I remember Kiddie Kingdom near 83 and Butterfield Road. We went there all the time. I also remember several trips to Santa's Village in East Dundee. I do remember another one which could have been Kiddieland but the name doesn't quite ring a bell. There was also Old Chicago which I remember going to once. Of course, I remember trips to Great America. I think I first went when it was still Marriott's Great America.
  16. Zippy Zoo

    Zippy Zoo New Member

    I've always wanted to own an amusement park! Sign me up! Do you take quarters?
  17. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Wow, all of those were fantastic places, also (some of which fairly few people recall.) But I'm surprised that you don't have any vivid memories of Kiddieland, also. So maybe a reminder about rides and stuff would help. They have the miniature train, a classic wooden roller coaster (the 'Lil Dipper') and some child sized versions of classics like a ferris wheel. Also, they used to have a tractor ride which you drove around a small coarse. Plus, they had an arcade with things like skee ball. Of course, the merry-go-round. My favorite game was always this one where you shoot water from a gun into the mouth of clowns. A balloon is attached to the top of each clown's head. The first balloon to fill entirely up with water (and pop, perhaps?) is the winner! They also have ma Tilt a Whirl, a Whizzer, and eventually added a driving course with old style open cars (I think that sort of replaced the tractor.)

    Kiddieland is at the corner of North Ave (Rt. 64) and First in Melrose Park. Right across the street from Maywood Park horse race track. It's also directly behind a batting cage and golf driving range. And near some railroad tracks.
  18. SCOOP

    SCOOP Ace Reporter

    ok 5 bucks but i want a plank off the mini roller coaster to be woodburned with my name on it
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  19. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    Tim, I will try to remember to ask my parents... When we lived in Hillside and it seemed to me like we went to Kiddie Kingdom every week. It was our reward for being good. We moved to Arlington Hts the summer before I started the 1st grade. I really don't remember going there after that point. Not sure if we just outgrew the rides, or it was just a little further to drive. (or the bigger house meant my parents had less money for fun and games)
  20. The Princess of Bozonia

    The Princess of Bozonia Administrator Staff Member

    I have some marbles to donate to the cause... wait, where did I put them?
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