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psychological discussion on the Clown

Discussion in 'Hospital Clowning' started by disco moon, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. disco moon

    disco moon New Member

    ~°~*~ Therapeutic clowning and creative art therapies ~°~*~

    Dr. Susana Pendzik, Drama Therapist, Israel
    Caroline Simonds, Director of Le Rire Médecin
    Shlomit Bresler, PhD, Bibliotherapist,
    Zohar Greenberg, MA, Drama Therapist
    Alex Vinegart, Medical Clown and Drama Therapist

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  2. adagiofrazzle

    adagiofrazzle New Member

    My opinion: nurses with so much makeup, they look as clowns. Im all for hospitals with happy endings. Bring me to the paradise city, as they say.
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