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Sending thank you cards

Discussion in 'Party Clowning' started by Tillie, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Tillie

    Tillie New Member

    Hello, When I entertain at a birthday party or any party, I always send a thank you note. But then talking to someone, they said they don't unless it is at a company event. Can I ask what others do as sending a thank you note for birthday parties, family parties, etc? :D
  2. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    I don't know why anybody would suggest that you send a thank you note for one type of gig and not another. Definitely continue practicing your fine clown etiquette and send a note to everyone who hires you -- whether they had you entertain at a huge corporate picnic or a small birthday party.
  3. Lily Silly

    Lily Silly New Member

    What kind of thank you cards do you guys send? What's on the front? What do you write in them? I haven't sent thank you cards in the past, but want to start.
  4. Tillie

    Tillie New Member

    :DThe cards I send, are blank thank you notes or really any type of blank note cards. Mine have all different colored flowers on the front. Couldn't find anything else in the stores that I liked to fit "Tillie". I just say thank you for inviting me to entertain at your (what the ocassion was). Then i add a comment on something that stood out at the party or about someone there that was funny. Lately, I have been adding a comment that if they have any pictures of me, that I would appreciate it if they could email them to me. That is because I do not have any pictures of me in action at any parties that I attend.
  5. Tillie

    Tillie New Member

    thank you Pickles... I agree with you. For company events, I do send a questionaire about Tillie. Of course with a self addressed stamped envelope. For businesses I have been doing for more than a couple of years, I now send a thank you note instead of the questionaire.
  6. Pickles

    Pickles Czarina / Administrator

    I have postcards with my picture on it that I send to birthday kids after a party. I also use them for non-birthday thank-you correspondence, but, in addition, I have note cards with my pickle logo on them. I'm going to also start sending notes to organizers of event-planners for events I've done in the past, offering my services.

    The postcards are a very inexpensive stationery choice. I bought them years ago, and I still have hundreds of them. Plus the postage is cheaper than it is for mailing an envelope, as long as you don't get oversized postcards.
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  7. SuitcaseSam

    SuitcaseSam & his Ukulele

    I have always given a Thank You note sealed in an envelope to the one who hired me. Mine is just a simple type written note on paper printed with my logo. I also include 3-4 business cards for future prospects. I tell everyone to include more than just one card because it is too easy for just one card to get lost or misplaced.

    I have had some argue the fact that including business cards should be separate from the Thank You note and included in a follow up mass mailing on down the road....but I do not have time to keep up with who I sent notes to and who I didn't.

    Anyhow, It doesn't have to be fancy (although I like the idea of photo cards & thank you cards) as long as it shows your appreciation them for hiring you.

    Every show should receive a Thank You note/card from you for sure.

    ~Sam :cool:
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  8. Lily Silly

    Lily Silly New Member

    Thanks for answering my question, Pickles! I love your idea of sending thank you postcards with your picture on them. That's very cool! I think I'm going to start doing that.
  9. Squiggles

    Squiggles New Member

    I have cards that I got last year for free from a website Didn't even charge shipping. I think there was 50. They have our pics on the front with all of our info like a big business card and we sign them above our names and then write a personal thank you note on the back. They have envelopes with them also.
  10. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    On several occasions, I thought about sending out Thank You cards after events. I even managed to buy some, but with my schedule, I haven't sent the first one yet. But, I also don't always get the home address, such as when the event is at a community center or other location.
  11. V

    V Well-Known Member

    I send a "thank you" currently on letterhead (just ordered postcards however). The note gives a brief appreciatory note along with an offer to perform the event the following year at the same price if they book by a certain date. It's rarely a discounted rate, just a promise not to raise rates if they book me for the following year (I generally raise my rates yearly on festivals until I reach a point to where they hesitate to pay the new rate. I've not lost an event practicing this (although it may be risky), but have been been able to increase rates by a few hundred bucks for a few hours in some cases on events I do annually but who wait until the 11th hour to book me.
  12. Gracie Jean

    Gracie Jean New Member

    I Think its an honor to be able to say Thank You to the people that have hired me, also, I think its sad that sending Thank Yous are almost a lost art in alot of business' but,, I have a Greeting Card Business and LOVE the convenience of sending a card, or postcard or trifold, card from my computer,in my home and the card goes directly to the persons home mailbox.. Its printed on very high quality paper,, I can put pictures of the party,or job,, and can also send a gift from my site, be it ohh say a starbucks coffee gift card, or any of the awesome gifts we have.. AND the best part,, it is VERY inexpensive.. :) and the person LOVES a personalized card with their pictures,, and my own hand writing.. its great.. anyway, if any one wants to know how i do this,,u know how to find me here,, but i would like to say Thank You to all of you that keeps kindness and common courtesy in our profession as it reflects all of us.. Happy Clowning friends.
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