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Social Activism Clowning

Discussion in 'The Clown Café' started by tim, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

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  2. The Princess of Bozonia

    The Princess of Bozonia Administrator Staff Member

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  3. V

    V Well-Known Member

    Fake News!!!!

    Mainly, I find it difficult to fathom that someone could possibly put that idea (that clown-types, only began organized in activism as late as ~2003).... But also, from personal experience - know there to have been a few US based groups alive and well before (and/or around the same time as) then. "Clownarchy" - which now appears to be DoA - at least as an active web presence - was possibly the most active, or well known (in my circles anyway) - some old photos and probably articles (with equally poor references and citations likely) still linger by searching clownarchy on your search engine of choice. I hadn't given those guys a thought in some time - as I age into having less energy or interest into activism ;) - However, for those of you interested - they're worth a quick search and read into. Loosely associated from that same era - 90s into the 2ks: Wise Fool (they have, or at least had - a roughly strewn street theatre 'manual' of sorts that is every bit the resource as some of the more revered tomes of instruction across other disciplines - it's written in sort of an artist/hippy manner, but still..), and the First Church of the Last Laugh (I can't believe their webpage is still active - well, maybe not since so is the webpage for those Heaven's Gate wackos - don't drink the Kool-Aid... seriously...) and by extension, the Society of Cacophony..
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  4. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    Admittedly, clowning has historically been a vehicle of social commentary and action.

    To add to the more recent endeavors, just look to things like what came out of San Francisco in the 70s. SF Mime troupe, for example. Or, the characterizations of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
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