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Switching to Auguste - Opinions on New Face

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by AMagicClown, May 15, 2017.

  1. AMagicClown

    AMagicClown New Member

    I've been a White Face for many years and now I'm creating a new character as an Auguste Face Clown.

    I'm just looking for opinions outside my usual circle on what you think about my new face. What you like or don't like. What I should change or keep.

  2. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    It looks like a good start. Everyone has their own opinion about what they like and dislike, so consider any comment as just one person's point of view. Create the clown character that you like. Unless you plan to compete at a convention, there are no right and wrong ways to look.

    Did you use a flesh tone base? I see the pink, but not sure what it covers beyond the cheeks. No sure I like the pink. I would go with either all pink or all flesh tone.

    I would consider a smaller lower lip. I usually just do the center section instead of the full width. I also feel the red makeup looks muted compared with the bright red on the nose.

    The black outline round your eyes is hard to see. Not sure if it is a little on the grey side or could be thicker.
  3. AMagicClown

    AMagicClown New Member

    Thank you for your input. I'm going to lower the white over the eyes, shorten the mouth & replace the pink with an auguste base with a little pink on the cheeks. I'll be doing this either tomorrow or Thursday. I'll post pics when I'm done.

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