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Temporary Tattoos

Discussion in 'Face Painting' started by CoCo and JoJo, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. CoCo and JoJo

    CoCo and JoJo New Member

    Who is doing Temporary Tattoos is their clowning Where do you purchase them ? So far I have found Ebay Amazon and http://backwoodstattoos.com/

    Sadly balloons are very expensive stencils I can not find the ones I like . So thinking outside the box with tattoos

    :applause:CoCo and JoJo
  2. Tilly

    Tilly New Member

    Uhm... call me crazy, but didn't you post in another thread that you are "with this company?" Do you mean that you own it or work for it?
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  3. Alex

    Alex ...much nicer in person!!!

    Sounds to me that you are very cheap and not willing to invest in face painting or balloon sculpting as a profession, thus making other artists look bad...

    It's time to take off those rose colored glasses and think about making smart investments rather than looking for the cheapest product to slap onto someone's skin.
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  4. CoCo and JoJo

    CoCo and JoJo New Member

    No CoCo just smart shopper

    Sadly one of the negative myth that almost kept me outside of clowning that you must spend $50 a prop to clown . Praise the Lord I over came my fear went to clown school and their clown shop. Came out with wonderful ideals but spending only $10

    Than came home prayed search out props way under the $50 mark for sure that surely work great for CoCo and JoJo within budjet

    Clowning comes within your heart not your costume or props etc ...If you do not have a heart of clown than clowning not meant for you AMEN\0/

    If we made someone that was sad unhappy happy we have done our job as a clown remember AMEN\0/
    So its not the cost we should seek but keep our clown heart intact at all times to bring smiles to a world that surely needs this
    Yes even a simple cardboard box work as a prop of course CoCo would have to paint it up etc ... but that's what a clown does
    Rechecked I did get the right Palmer Face paint . Thought I might of purchase the wrong stuff but I did not do so .


    CoCo and JoJo two cents
  5. Tilly

    Tilly New Member

    Clowning from the heart is all well and good... in act it's great. But once you start offering actual products and services for a fee, it is your duty to offer quality products and services... not some cheap thing that any 5 year old can put on themselves.... and CERTAINLY nor cheap face paint that has the potential to land a child in the hospital for an allergic reaction. People are paying for quality entertainment not cheap chinsy gimmicks that they can get from the dollar store... and they certainly aren't wanting to pay you to send their child to the emergency room. These tactics not only hurt you but the ENTIRE industry.
  6. CoCo and JoJo

    CoCo and JoJo New Member

    I do offer offer quality products and will offer quality
    services.As the Lord would expect of me and nothing less

    Since I refuse to spend $50 + a prop
    Some of my many blessings CoCo and JoJo have received

    Vtech SING & LEARN MUSICAL MIC 7" Electronic Toy (370774175661)
    Happy face/Sad face clown doll stuffed perfect for collecters young children GUC (221197423845)
    Vintage Childs Accordion Toy Musical Instrument Toy Accor... (400432202122)
    Bruder Vintage Camera Toy Germany Pop Out Action toy (310525511386)
    Vintage Snake In A Can 1950'S Chums Fruit Drops Toy Gag (200902730443)
    Wooden Large Folding Doll Sized Rocking Chair (271163677105)
    margharsh | 3203 |
    and the list goes on on and on because I refused to do the $50
    per prop and instead choose to become a smart clown shopper
    or the very expensive face painting etc ...

    Again comes back to the heart of a clown

  7. Alex

    Alex ...much nicer in person!!!

    Yes, you're right about CLOWNING; however, balloon twisting and face painting are crafts that require talent, but also require expensive tools and supplies in order to succeed.
  8. Tilly

    Tilly New Member

    Really??? again with the copy and pasted responses!?
  9. CoCo and JoJo

    CoCo and JoJo New Member

    CoCo and JoJo puzzled at the negative facing

    Why must we take offense so strongly if a clown comes in different but will bring laughter and smiles along the way way Instead why not some encouragement along the way CoCo says

    Now for evil Halloween clowns 150% must agree
    they are not clowns PERIOD and believe it or not CoCo
    started out as a Halloween clown but quickly learn the
    difference 4 sure

  10. Tilly

    Tilly New Member

    Coco, this is a two way street. We are trying to offer you suggestions on how to BETTER YOURSELF AND YOUR CRAFT but you do nothing but shoot us down and tell us that what we are doing is wrong, a bad idea, or a senseless waste of money. That is very offensive to people who take their craft seriously.

    It also does everyone (including yourself) a great injustice to cheapen the market and value on clowns by charging such low rates ($50/hour is unacceptably low unless your skills are just as unacceptably bad) and offer cheap, chinsey, services that require little effort or care on your part. Any child 5 years and older can apply a temporary tattoo and they can be bought at the dollar store for a dime a dozen. If people are paying you $50 an hour for that, they certainly won't be happy.

    As far as I'm concerned, given your cheapness and carelessness for the people you entertain and your fellow clowns, and your coming to a public, educational forum and not listening (and instead, DEBATING) all the advice given to you makes you no better than the 'evil Halloween clowns'.
  11. V

    V Well-Known Member

    It takes a lot of gall to call out someone for not being a clown because of a genre. I've met some "scary/evil" clowns who work haunts and such who are the cream of the crop of entertainers. Quality here as well as in the humor field of things - believe it or not, some of the develop acts beyond saying "boo!"

    As for why we're coming across "negative" and not offering encouragement. It's because you're well on your way in assisting in the defilement of a genuine art form. Every bit of advice you've received here has been met with some form of an irrational copy & paste reply or an argument defending methods that have no place in our industry.

    I do believe you started off as a halloween clown; but don't buy for one second that you "quickly learn the difference 4 sure." I have a pair of trained rats that I'd categorize as clown, before you'd gain the tag from me (mind you I mentioned my rats, because I didn't want to gross people out with my original compost toilet analogy)...
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2013

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