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Temporary Tattoos

Discussion in 'The Clown Forum' started by mr. kellygnc, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. mr. kellygnc

    mr. kellygnc New Member

    I am interested in offering temp. tattoos as an add on for parties but i am curious which is the best brand to use? How do you offer it as an add on? add time or per kid? thanks in advance!:cool:
  2. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    I haven't done it, but know that other clowns do offer temporary tattoos. With something like a temporary tattoo, you need to buy multiple tattoos of each design you plan to offer so kids can choose the same ones. With balloons or face painting, you don't have that type of limit as long as you still have more of that color...
  3. Plywood

    Plywood New Member

    I offer it as an add-on, $15/hr. The brand I like best is Savvi. Their tattoos aren't too expensive, have lots of detail, and last longer than others that I've tried. Don't get the cheap ones from Oriental Trading; they're junk!

    I just keep mine in a couple of 3-ring binders; one for boys, one for girls. I don't have lots of multiples, but have just stuck a few in each pocket of the baseball card holder pages.
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  4. saphireSue

    saphireSue True Blue

    I like to use the individual wraped ones to keep a few for when I'm closing my line. Flower will give them out to kids that come up after we've shut the line down. [now not for every event, for the small resturant type], But I've also offered them as an alternative for a fee to face painting.
  5. Daisy Doo

    Daisy Doo New Member

    I agree with saphireSue if you can get them in individual wrapped ones they are the best for the line to be quick. My magic number I feel is 25. I charge 25 dollars to put my face on before the party. 25 dollars extra for gas if outside of town. 25 dollars for balloons to cover for the replacement cost. Maybe you might want to charge extra on what you feel that you want to charge for that service but I would charge extra though. I do not go through all the extras with my clients I just tell them one cost that is figured out on the phone when speaking with them. That way they hear one cost instead of all the extras.
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  6. lillylangston132

    lillylangston132 New Member

    are you thinking of temporary stick on tattoos or temporary airbrush tattoos?

    If you want stick on, I agree contrachapado, dont go with oriental trading, or an chinese "wholesale" seller.

    If you are going for airbrush tattoos, then australian airbrushed tattoos has some nice paint. (can i put a link??, if i can tell me and i will post back). I dont like their stencils because they are bendy and floppy, which isnt nice when airbrushing.
    You can get nice stiff stencils from tribal ink products.

    I think if you are pressed for time and just want to add this in, then stick on tattoos will be way better!
  7. Zippy Zoo

    Zippy Zoo New Member

    Yeah, you can paste a link. Just go to the address bar when you're at the site, cut and paste back on the forum. If you don't want to open another browser window, you can use notepad or wordpad to hold it until you get back here.
  8. lillylangston132

    lillylangston132 New Member

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  9. mr. kellygnc

    mr. kellygnc New Member

    how many tattoos can you do in an hour daisy ray? or how much do you pay for tattoos? the ones i saw were around .55-2.00 each. do you make any money in this?
  10. Plywood

    Plywood New Member

    The actual transfer time for a tattoo is about 30 seconds, by my reckoning. That's about as long as it takes me to sing my ABC's (BTW, the kids really liked singing along with me). So add a few seconds to that for each child. I get my tattoos when I see them on sale at the store, online, or at Michael's with their coupons. These ones usually come in sheets, and I have to cut them apart. I charge $15/hr for tattoos, but they're only available as an add-on to something else that I'm doing, like face painting. It's just not worth my time to go somewhere only to stick on some temporary tattoos.

    So if you buy the individual tattoos, it might not be very cost-effective. But if you get the sheet kind that you have to cut apart, the individual tattoos end up costing pennies apiece.

    The brand I buy, Savvi, is available at lots of stores. I've seen them at Walgreens, Walmart, grocery stores, Michael's, etc.
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  11. iamjewest85

    iamjewest85 New Member

    Hello everyone my name is Judith West from Daytona beach Florida. Just like everyone here who’s part of this forum, I love ink! A little bit about myself, I’ve been married for 8 years, I have three adorable kids and I’m a tattoo designer by choice. It was a hobby at first that later transcended into a business. Most of the art I've done are for Momentary Ink, one of the many things I love to do, it’s where I can express myself. You should go visit there website www.momentaryink.com and check some of my designs there. The best part about what I do is making everyone around me happy thru creativity, teaching and inspiring others to be the best they can be.

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