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Discussion in 'Magic' started by V, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. V

    V Well-Known Member

    I had intended on sending something in for the prop swap but life got in the way and I couldn't find time to make and mail them. So, in light of that, here is a quick tutorial on the prop I had declared. I can be made for around $5 (not counting the silks and vanishing method) and is a decent effect. There is a version of this available from most magic retailers that I never bothered to purchase because it had a criminal price on it at one point (~$40) for what you get. I've never handled those props but this is likely the same/similar method that they use. It's not as stupid as this trick so I won't knock it too bad since the effect is okay, but it should still be in a bargain bin somewhere...

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  2. V

    V Well-Known Member

    The sequence, since it isn't clear on the hastily prepared video: (after the prop is built)

    Show prop with your patter.

    Open chip can - maybe eat a few chips to show that there are chips in it.

    If you leave some water/soda in the bottle, you can drink what's left as part of your patter - this would be an easy method of swapping out lids.

    Place now empty bottle in chip can.

    Bring silk out and vanish it.

    Pull bottle out.

    You'll obviously want to work out your own presentation and patter to go along with it...

    Also, after giving it more thought; I would probably cut the bottom off a pringles can and attach the dowell to that bottom, then inset the attached dowell down inside of the whole can. This would hide the screw entirely while still giving enough of an anchor to the dowell to support the routine. You could apply some gorilla glue to the cut off bottom before placing it into the can to make sure it holds tight to the bottom.
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