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World Juggling Day 2015!

Discussion in 'Juggling' started by LarryTheClown, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

    June 20, 2015 is World Juggling Day! And remember, when attacked by a mob of clowns, you go for the juggler!

    (Incidentally, I had two people in the past week ask me to explain the joke.)
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  2. Sir Toony Van Dukes

    Sir Toony Van Dukes Well-Known Member

    The world is pretty big, who is going to attempt to juggle it? They might need another planet or two to make it interesting.
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  3. LarryTheClown

    LarryTheClown Well-Known Member

    Some juggling I did this morning.

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  4. tim

    tim Have red nose, will travel

    I attended this outstanding, and beautifully choreographed, show:


    Later that night, I saw the Bindlestiff cabaret, and sat among some local jugglers, watching (among many other circus acts) classic vaudevillian bowl spinning and a highly skilled pass juggling act which released colored powders from balls, rings, and clubs to form am artistic impression.....which then disappeared.
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